The Costantino Nivola Foundation was established in Orani in 1990 at the initiative of the Regional government of Sardinia, the Municipality of Orani, and the artist’s family (regional decrees: L.R. n. 35 of July 31, 1990 and L.R. n. 14 of September 20, 2006, art. 21).

The Foundation promotes the awareness of the works and message of Costantino Nivola as well as sustaining contemporary art in general through exhibitions, research, and cultural activities with the goal of improving local and regional cultural and economic possibilities. The Foundation is responsible for the Museo Nivola and its park; organizes exhibitions, conventions, awards; and makes connections with cultural institutions in Sardinia, Italy, and abroad.

The Foundation’s holdings include the site and buildings of the Museum and the Nivola works in its collection. The Museum consists of four buildings used for exhibitions, social functions, offices, and storage. The collection represents a unique body of work including sculptures, paintings, drawings, terracottas, and models that demonstrate Nivola’s significant role in sculpture designed for architecture, as well as his primacy as the major artist from the region of Sardinia during the 20th century.

The new logo of the Nivola Museum, donated by Paolo Bazzani Studio, conveys the Foundation’s  visual identity. Inspired by mid-century graphics and by a Olivetti-style lettering, the logo indirectly alludes to two central themes of Nivola’s work: interdisciplinarity and community life.




Giuliana Altea

Vice Presidente

Franco Carta

Consiglio di amministrazione:

Cristina Baiocchi

Nicoletta Boschiero

Mariaelisa Marongiu

Federica Nieddu

Gianni Nivola

Gianfranco Oppo

Gian Battista Piana

Tonino Rocca

Carl Stein

Marco Ziranu



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